Trends for twists on traditions

Even many of the most traditional brides want to put a personal spin on their big day. Helping to make the wedding unique, bespoke touches are an integral part of any wedding day. A fantastic way to ensure the celebration is completely unique is to put a modern twist on well-known wedding traditions. As well as making your day that little bit more special, this will also help to bring your nuptials right up to date and offer a marriage fit for the 21st century.

Giving the bride away

The tradition of the father walking his daughter up the aisle comes from a time when women were considered to be possessions. The father was literally handing the bride over to a new owner and making her the responsibility of her new husband.

Although a lot of brides still like to follow this tradition, more and more are opting for something a little different. If you want to put a twist on this custom, think about having both parents escort you to the altar, asking a friend to do it or walking yourself up the aisle. Another great alternative is to make the journey with your soon-to-be husband. This show of equality could get your marriage off to just the right start.

White wedding

For years, white dresses have been a staple of weddings everywhere. However, as Todays Bride says:

“Not everyone looks good in white! Shouldn’t you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day? If you feel more confident in a red gown or can rock emerald green, go for it! Wear what you like; this is your wedding day.”

The bouquet toss

These days, pulling all of your single friends out of the crowd and making them fight for the chance of being next-wed can seem a little odd. If you’d rather side-step the bouquet toss, you could give your flowers to your mum, grandmother or best friend. Alternatively, find out which of your guests has been married the longest and present your bouquet to the veteran bride.

Changing names

Once upon a time, a new wife would have automatically changed her name to that of her new husband. Today however, women are increasingly choosing another option. In some cases, husbands are changing their name to their bride’s or couples are opting to double-barrel and sandwich their two names together. Alternatively, if you really want to mark a new chapter in your life, you could consider creating a new surname altogether.

Putting a modern twist on well-known wedding traditions is a great way to bring your big day up to date. Find out more about planning the perfect wedding by taking a look around our site.

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