Victorian dreams

We have helped create a multitude of Victorian-themed weddings. It is popular with couples because of its enviable versatility, mixing the feminine with the masculine and the minimal with the extravagant. There are varied sources of inspiration too, thanks to a laundry list of stories, books and television shows set in Victorian England.

As our friends over at The Knot said:

“A Victorian wedding is about class and grace, and calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature – fine floral china, lots of lace, and sweet-smelling rosebuds.”

You can really ramp up the nostalgia factor with this type of wedding. In view of the style’s broad appeal, guests will love seeing elements from their favourite stories of the past. An abundance of florals and intricate decorations all help build a picture of the era.

Fabulous florals

Fabulous florals

The Victorians are synonymous with elaborate floral displays. This was the age of evocative and luxurious displays of wealth, but also of spiritual association. Flowers had a much deeper meaning for the Victorians than they do today. We still associate red roses with love and lilies with loss and mourning, but back then every flower had a specific meaning. For example, an apple blossom represented good fortune and asters were a symbol of love.

For a wedding table centerpiece, do some research into which flowers the Victorians might have chosen for a wedding. Your florist should be able to offer some much needed help in this area.

An abundance of candles

Victorians enjoyed a rich love affair with candles. Gas lighting would provide some light but electricity was still very much in its infancy. As a result, wealthy families would illuminate their rooms with church candles and tapers.

Lace decorations

Consider using crystal and gilded candle holders to create a romantic sea of little tea lights, a few for each table at the reception. It will make for some gorgeous photos.

Embrace the lacet

You can’t have a Victorian themed wedding table without a bit of lace. The Victorian desire for gentility made lace popular across the board, from men’s and ladies handkerchiefs to highly decorated tablecloths.

If you wish to capture the essence of the age, handmade lace tablecloths are the ultimate in decorative opulence. Couples can also opt for lace origami napkins to complete the picture. On the other hand, a minimalist approach might favour a contemporary white tablecloth that speaks to simple Victorian elegance.

Victorian illustrations

Revel in the Victorian love for illustration by adding place names written on Victorian cartoons. During the 19th century, the rate at which magazines like Punch and even newspapers like The Daily Sketch printed cartoons in their daily and weekly editions increased exponentially. There was a desire for visual stimulation and this transferred to things like place setting cards. Try sourcing some eye-catching colour illustrations to add that charming extra touch.

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