Violets are blue

Violets in the sun

Looking at what colours say about you, it’s said that if you love blue you are patient, wise, well-balanced, and loved for your ability to take everything into perspective. On the other hand, if you love purple, you are said to be outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming, so with the intriguing colour of violet, you are surely a mixture of the two.

A violet blue wedding would certainly show a sense of confidence, and Country House Weddings has a few ideas to get you started. With certain colour themes people can be reluctant to pursue them in full, but don’t worry, the way to success is to think carefully and always think stylishly.

Going for the two colour schemes of purple and blue is actually not as unusual as you might think, a quick glance through wedding magazines and blogs, and you’ll find a swathe of information, along with some very charming ideas.

Glorious Centrepieces

The first eye catching idea for a centrepiece we found came from, who presents a design of dusky pink roses, flowering oregano in mauve tones, contrasting with succulents and curly fiddleheads. It is suggested to have these on each table, which would set the bar very high indeed.

For a violet theme, flowers don’t always have to be the one and only resource. A fruit centrepiece, consisting of ripe grapes, plums and figs will make for a great alternative, and a conversation starter for your guests, no doubt.

Having purple and blue glass jars filled with water, and some tea lights floating on top will give a rustic Mediterranean vibe, great if you want to make sure that your tables have a more intimate feel.

A bouquet of purple and pink flowers

Bouquets and Boutonnières  

Once you are sure about the blue and purple theme, violets are a must. For your bouquet, however, don’t forget to include dried lavender, irises, pink roses and daisies. They will create a beautiful composition, complementing one another and in keeping with the colour scheme. You might want to think of your bouquet as an artist thinks of his canvas. Selecting one of Monet’s masterpieces might give you a start, to choose an aesthetically pleasing colour palette.

Over the top butonnières are never a good idea, so stick to simple bunches of dried lavender and one single violet to add that touch of the theme, keeping it gentlemanly and sophisticated.

Scrumptious Cakes and Sweets

Here comes the most ingenious part – the cake and treats. For your wedding cake, whether you have your eye on the traditional three- to four-tiered or a more contemporary style, you can ask your venue to decorate it with purple ribbon. Adding purple and white blooms will give the cake that dream like style, enticing and evocative. For further inspiration, has collected some vibrant designs from across the web.

For sweets, it would be a let-down to simply have them made purple and blue with food colouring. Choose edible flowers as decoration on iced cakes. Lavender seeds and violet petals are great toppings, and also sugared violet biscuits will certainly go down well. If your wedding is taking place in the summer, you might decide to have lemonade ice lollies, with violets frozen inside them.

We hope these ideas will give you a good place to start.

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