Wedding accessories – why going big isn’t all that

Dresses with oversized bow details are said to be ‘in’, and it’s safe to say that bridal attire has gone down the “bigger is better” route in recent years. Whatever your bridal style preference, your shopping experience doesn’t end the minute you find the perfect wedding gown.

Your choice of accessories will make or break your bridal look. Whether opting for an on-trend ball gown or a sleek and timelessly stylish number, going less big and more small and classic with your accessories is definitely the way to go. In this blog post, we explore why going big isn’t all that when selecting the wedding accessories that will make your ensemble extra special. We’ll reveal the golden rules of picking the best accessories for you.

Why less is always more

When it comes to accessorising, remember that less is more. As well as considering your accessories choice carefully, opting for the more demure and less distracting options to ensure your dress stands out, and not over-accessorising, will add to your unique look. You don’t have to choose every accessory in the bridal shop to perfect your ensemble. You should instead take influence from your dress, choosing just one or two statement pieces, as The Knot so brilliantly explains:

“You don’t need a veil, tiara, earrings, necklace and a sash. Accessories add a unique touch to your look—which we love—but one too many can be downright distracting. Before you start buying, take an inventory of your gown’s standout features and then base your choices around them. If your dress has an ornate neckline, opt for a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace (that might look too busy). For a gown with a simpler style, try a bold statement necklace or fascinator. When it comes to earrings, take a cue from your hairstyle. If you’re leaving your hair down and over your ears, small studs or drops will do. But for an updo, you might want something a little more dramatic, like a pair of chandelier danglers. It’s always a good idea to avoid designs that closely mimic the embellishments on your gown—you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy.”

Choosing the right accessories

For those using a simple selection of jewellery to accessorise their look, making sure you follow the basic rules by matching your metals and your dress will ensure a seamless and stunning finish.

Some metal finishes are better suited to different shades of dresses than others. Pure white gowns, for instance, look great with silver jewellery or pearl adorned pieces. Ivory dresses or designs with creamier tones, on the other hand, work better with yellow jewellery. The neckline of your chosen dress can also make your accessory choices much easier. Sweetheart necklaces provide a versatile cut that works with pretty much any accessory. Brides with halter neck dresses should consider their choice of hair accessories more carefully.

The ultimate accessory for any bride has to be the veil. The veil has a traditional role to play in the wedding ceremony, with the veil lift a moment your wedding photographer will be keen to capture. The veil isn’t for every bride however, and if it’s not for you, you may want to consider a wedding cape as a trendy and stunning alternative.

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