Wedding accessory mistakes to avoid

When choosing your wedding accessories there are a number of common mistakes to avoid. Looking your best on the day isn’t about overloading your look – sometimes, less is more. Read on for our breakdown of the top accessory mistakes you might be in danger of making.

Too many clashing, extravagant accessories

Your wedding is the perfect time to pick out striking accessories, but it’s easy to get carried away and buy too many. It may put your look over the top and your choices may even clash when worn together.

When buying your accessories carefully consider how well they complement both your dress and your other accessories. Only buy an accessory if you are sure it will work with the overall look, rather than clash with your other accessory choices.

Upstaging the dress

Your accessories should complement your wedding dress, rather than upstage it. Your dress takes centre stage on your wedding day, so it’s important that you don’t get too carried away with your jewellery and hair accessories. The best strategy is to shop for accessories only after you’ve settled on a dress.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can think about which accessories will work well. Then you can bring them to any subsequent dress fittings to trial them before your wedding. Don’t wait until the big day to try everything on together – you may find that what worked in your imagination doesn’t translate into reality.

Go for matching metals and stones

A common wedding accessory mistake is opting for jewellery fashioned from different metals or gemstones. One or two pieces of jewellery with opposing coloured stones can work well. This is the case if the colours are complementary and work with your wedding colour scheme. However, you must avoid wearing too many different colours.

In addition, ensure that you choose jewellery fashioned from the same metal (for example, gold goes with gold) to tie your look together.

Don’t be put off by cheaper options

It can be tempting to go for the most extravagant, expensive options when it comes to picking out your jewellery. But jewellery can be a great place to cut your budget. There are many beautiful pieces without the hefty price tag, as Wedding Ideas Magazine explore:

“A wedding can put huge financial pressure on a couple and buying accessories that break the bank just isn’t necessary. With the huge array of choices out there, you are sure to find accessories that look stunning and are in your price range. There is sometimes little difference between what jewellers call ‘wedding jewellery’ and their other items, apart from the price tag of course! Don’t feel pressured into buying wedding collections; the normal jewellery sets can be just as glamorous.”

From clashing gold with silver, to going overboard on your accessories – there are a number of faux pas you can easily make on your wedding day. Be sure to keep these common mistakes in mind when choosing yours.

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