Should I have a wedding contingency

Without devising and sticking to a realistic budget, many couples struggle to finance the wedding day of their dreams. Buying all the bits and bobs that make a wedding just as fabulous as you are, adds up. Preparing your finances with a contingency fund is recommended, but where do you start when setting aside this essential cash reserve? We explore below.

What are the benefits of having a contingency?

A quick online search will reveal the long list of products and services a couple needs to call upon for their wedding day. Being aware of the wedding costs that could creep up when you least expect them will ensure you are as well prepared as you can be when planning the best day of your life.

Hidden costs come in all shapes and sizes; from the stamps needed to send your save-the-dates and invitations, to those last-minute beauty treatments. Your contingency fund is there should you encounter these unexpected expenses.

As explains a thorough and realistic budget, complete with contingency, is the best place to begin when countering unexpected costs:

“Work out how much you can afford to spend in total, make a list of everything you need to sort then decide how you will divide your wedding budget. Try to make your list as detailed as possible, and ensure that you set aside enough for each item. Recently married friends, wedding magazines and websites are all good sources of advice.”

How much should I set aside?

Most suggest a contingency of between 12.5 and 15% of the overall wedding cost. The average wedding in the UK now costs £30,355, which means a minimum contingency of £3,794. This is a significant amount to set aside. We’d recommend saving as much extra money as you can and earmarking this as your contingency fund.

Whatever you can put aside as a contingency fund, if you don’t use it, it’s extra money towards enjoying your honeymoon – or building your first home together.

How can I start building a contingency fund?

Even couples with a comfortable budget should consider building a contingency. If you can’t save any extra money by cutting back on your monthly outgoings, as many couples planning weddings cannot – saving your savings is an ideal way to boost your wedding budget and build a contingency fund.

For every little discount you receive on a wedding-related service or product, put the amount you saved straight into a savings account. With some hard bargaining, you’ll find you’ll quickly accumulate a sizeable sum.

Alternatively, our wedding loans can help free up some capital for your dream wedding day. If you intend to get married within the next six months, our plan is completely interest-free. It’s also available with as little as a 10% deposit. You can spread the cost over 12 months for extra ease. In addition to this, we provide affordable credit plans with low-interest rates for those planning ahead. Longer-term loans can be spread over a period of up to six years. For further information on our wedding loans, please click here.

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