The final countdown: what last-minute to-dos should be on your list?

After weeks, months or even years in the making, your wedding day is almost here! With the clock ticking and just 24 hours to go, you’re likely to be feeling a mixture of emotions. But there are still a few tasks to complete before you can truly sit back and enjoy that final countdown.

Here we share a bride’s guide to those 24 hours before the wedding and reveal exactly what last-minute to-dos should be on your list.

Take one last look at your dress

After months of secrecy, your wedding dress is about to be revealed, make sure it’s ready for its big debut with a last-minute look over. Check your bridal gown thoroughly for stains and damage, you certainly don’t want to be faced with them on your wedding morning and have zero time to sort them out.

Many brides steam their gowns during those final 24 hours before the wedding. But if you don’t have a steamer or are short on time, being selective about where you hang your dress could provide the solution as Ette: The Wedding Tailor describes:

“If you have a relatively simple dress in a polyester or heavy lace, with a minimal skirt and train that haven’t been squished into a bag, don’t stress about getting a steamer. Hang the dress on the bathroom door or a high hook in the bathroom before you shower, probably the night before the wedding, when you can leave the dress out of its bag safely overnight. Crank the heat in the shower, take your time, and get the room full of steam—this is really all some gowns need!”

Break in those bridal shoes

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to your footwear. You’ve probably resisted the urge to wear your bridal shoes for any lengthy period in the run-up to your wedding. But now is the time to break them in if you haven’t already – your wedding day comfort depends on it!

Practice your wedding vows

Having a run-through of your wedding vows is another last-minute task that will help you to sleep a little more soundly the night before your big day.

Practice your vows alone or give your bridesmaids a sneak preview, but don’t worry about their response. When you say them in front of your partner, you’ll feel like it’s just the two of you in the room. Embrace the romance, feel every word and look forward to showing off your lyrical genius to the one you love.

Build your bridal survival kit

You’ll need a few emergency essentials for your wedding day, and now’s the time to put your ‘survival kit’ together. If there’s something you’ve missed, don’t sweat it! With 24 hours to go, there’s still time to grab those last-minute bits to complete your kit.

Call your wedding suppliers

Whether it’s your wedding venue, photographer, baker, florist or entertainer, you’ll want to rest safe in the knowledge that they’re as prepared as you are. Your wedding suppliers each have a fundamental role to play in making your wedding day all you envisaged, so contact them and talk through those final plans.

Knowing that everyone involved in your big day is on the same page will be a huge weight off your shoulders, which means you can enjoy the final to-do on your list wholeheartedly.

…and relax!

With those last-minute to-dos ticked off your list, you can finally enjoy some me-time before the fun begins in the morning.

Catch up with friends and family members, have a bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of champagne, or indulge in a facial or massage to reward yourself for all your hard work in the most relaxing way.

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