Frames! Frames! Frames!

So, the wedding is over, you and your loved ones have had an amazing day and everything is right with the world. One of the main things you will treasure from that beautiful day is your wedding photos. Now, there are likely to be hundreds upon hundreds of snaps for you to put in the album, but what about the main photo of you and your beloved? That’s something that deserves special attention.

In this post we take you through some of the best ideas of how to frame that gorgeous couple photo. From the traditional to the modern, the grand to the minimalist, take a look at our list and we’re sure you will find something that will suit you.

The rustic frame

Rustic frame

If you’ve had your wedding at one of our historical venues, such as Gosfield Hall, then the backdrop to your wedding photo is going to be touched by the beauty of nature and the old world, so a rustic wooden frame is going to be ideal way to showcase it. When we think of the word rustic, it conjures up images of shabby chic with a touch of the DIY, there are hundreds of styles for this particular frame, so search around some antique shops and flea markets.

The ornate frame

Ornate frame

A touch of the luxurious and ornate is never to be shied away from when it comes to your wedding photo. It’s indeed one of the main occasions when ornate tastes are never considered ostentatious. It can be as elaborate as you like, especially if your photo has an artistic feel, so if you’re in the mood for a little creative drama, find a gilded baroque frame.

The colourful frame

Colourful frames

If there are any creative couples out there, this is the frame style for you! Something bright and bursting with colour is just what you need to frame your wedding shot. Especially if the photo is in black and white or sepia, then a pastel pink or yellow frame will make for a tremendous contrast, giving a sense of true creativity. You can find frames like these in most boutique stores, some of the best locations to scout for such an artistic style would be Brighton and London.

The minimalist frame

Minimalist frame

Uber cool and sleek frames are wonderful for the the thoroughly modern couple. A slim black frame, for example, will work nicely if you have a black and white shot you wish to display. A style that never goes out of fashion, the minimalist frame is all about keeping things stripped back in order to have the photo in question be the main thing that catches peoples eye.

The antique frame

Antique frame

When it comes to wedding, nostalgia and sentimentality really comes to the forefront, and often, couples will look for something special and unique to frame their wedding photo. The antique frame, be it a family heirloom or something you’ve bought yourself, is so charming. Framing the photo in a Victorian or Edwardian style will look so sweet!

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