5 wedding scenes that you just have to capture

So many couples commenting on the wedding experience mention that despite months and even years of planning, that special day you’ve always dreamed of goes by in a flash. This fact makes the need for a great, professional wedding photographer even more of a priority, meaning you can look back on all those special moments, including the ones you may have missed.

Taking  wedding photograph

At Gosfield Hall, we work with a number of recommended wedding suppliers so you can find the help you need to make every part of your weekend or weekday wedding your own. We work with five photographers in total giving you a choice of the best wedding photography services our region has to offer. As our recommended photographers will tell you, capturing every little and big moment is important. We love wedding day selfies, but there are a number of scenes you just have to capture professionally, scenes that will be essential to the creation of your wedding album in the weeks or months that follow.

1. Pre-wedding preparations

Capturing the ritual of pre-wedding preparations is just as important as photographing the wedding ceremony and reception. By capturing those getting ready pictures, you can take yourself on the journey of your big day, from start to finish. These pre-wedding moments should include images of your wedding dress, bouquet and accessories, not forgetting those wedding bands. These statement pieces are after all certain to be centre stage for the rest of the day.

2. Family moments

It’s often the little moments that make the biggest impact in every part of life, and this applies to your wedding day too. Your wedding day is of course a highlight in the family calendar so make sure those touching moments between you and other family members are captured. These family moments could include shots of you being walked down the aisle and given away by your father or another special person in your life, or those emotional words of advice delivered by your mother or a close family member prior to the ceremony.

3. Bridal party shots

Shots of your bridal party are musts, and this includes those supporting the bride and the groom, as well as attendants like the flower girls and page boys.


4. Post ceremony couple time

You may think that after you’ve been photographed walking down the aisle, exchanging vows and rings, and sealing your union with a kiss, your work in front of the camera is done. Think again! Having that time to yourself as a newly married couple is extra special and will become an iconic part of your wedding album.

One Fab Day offers some great advice on planning ahead for those post ceremony photo opportunities:

“After the ceremony you have to make time for the wedding portraits – this usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the couple and the list of specific shots you require.  Prepare a list of all the people you want in the portraits – family members and friends – and the specific combinations you require e.g. a shot of just you and your siblings or a shot of all your first cousins together.”

5. The many reception moments

Your wedding reception will offer just as many photo opportunities, so be sure to book your photographer for a full day. From space set-up and reception décor shots to the bride and groom’s arrival, toasts and speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance, there’s so much that shouldn’t be missed.

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