Wedding selfies

When thinking about photography for your wedding, taking ‘selfies’ of your special day may not come to mind! However, the selfie trend has officially taken over, with more than a million selfie photos snapped every day. More and more wedding couples and guests are using their smartphones to capture special moments on the big day.

Wedding selfies

Magic Moments

The morning of your wedding will probably be a bit of a blur. From hair and makeup to putting on your wedding dress, there’s a lot to do. With so much going on, time will fly by. Selfies are an excellent record of the excitement, particularly in showing you and your bridesmaids getting ready. These will be a lovely reminder of the fun you had in preparing together.

Taking bride and bridesmaids selfies are a perfect way to capture the fun side of your wedding day. A few candid shots of you and your best friends will encapsulate wonderful memories of your wedding day.


Selfie sticks are a simple invention, but a great investment for your wedding day group selfie shots. It allow you to widen the focus of your shot to get a group of people in. All you have to do is put your smartphone in the slot and extend the telescopic stick.

Selfie stick

It’s a great idea to put a selfie stick on each of the tables at the reception and get your guests to take selfies, then either tag you and add them to Instagram or just send you the photos. This is a great way to capture the celebrations and excitement of your special day. Selfie Pods say:

“If you’re getting married soon, Selfie Pods selfie sticks can really help enhance your special day, particularly for all of your guests. Why would you put disposable cameras on your tables when you could put selfie sticks on them instead? Everyone has a smartphone, everyone takes pictures at weddings and selfie sticks only help to take even better pictures! Your guests can upload the pictures to social media instantly, showing all the friends, who didn’t make it to wedding, what they missed out on! The selfie sticks can capture images just not possible without, from huge group shots with everyone in them, to shots from up high, down low and everywhere in between.”

Selfie frames are great fun for your guests. There are inflatable and cardboard designs for your guests to pose and take their selfie shots.

Selfie props are a great idea for enhancing your selfie wedding shots. Fun photo booth novelty props can include top hats, glasses, champagne bottles and bow ties.  If you are having a selfie photo booth at your wedding, you will need to add a personal selfie station sign to let your guests know where to share and tag images on social media.

We hope that these fine ideas will help you when planning your wedding day.

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