Weekend or weekday wedding?

It’s recommended that you send your save the date cards around six to eight months prior to your big day. Before you pop those all-important invites in the post however, first you have to decide on a wedding date. Whilst your choice of wedding date can revolve around a special occasion (such as your relationship anniversary or date of proposal) selecting a day is a little more difficult. Weddings traditionally take place at the weekend, but with wedding venues like ours opening their doors all week long, many couples are faced with another dilemma – weekend or weekday wedding? Here we take a closer look at the advantages of both so you can decide which is right for you.


Weekday weddings cut costs

Having your wedding ceremony and reception on a weekday can bring costs down dramatically. This option is great for smaller budgets and frees up funds to spend on other wedding day essentials. Use our price calculator to find out more about the estimated costs for the weekday or weekend wedding dates you have in mind.

It’s not just the cost of your wedding venue to consider when booking a weekday slot rather than a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Flying to your honeymoon destination is another cost that can be cut with a midweek wedding celebration. Accommodating your guests is also made easier and more affordable. In addition to this, you may find that the venue and suppliers you want have greater availability during midweek.

Enjoy your wedding with everyone

Whilst a weekday wedding means you can save money in some key areas, you should be aware that some guests may not be able to attend. There’s a reason why most couples get married on a Friday or Saturday. Guests will have to leave work early or even take days off to attend a weekday wedding.

It’s recommended that you select a date that’s convenient for your bridal party and your guests. However, remember that you can’t please everyone. With plenty of notice your guests should be able to book the necessary time off work.

Providing the perfect balance between midweek and weekend, Friday weddings are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Brides  explains how saving the date for a Friday could help couples extend celebrations even further:

“As lifestyle expert and event designer Jung Lee of Fete NY points out, having a Friday wedding allows you to plan a second get together on Saturday (think brunch) where you can actually unwind and spend some quality time with your friends and family. ‘Couples are significantly more relaxed the day after and enjoy recapping the experience with their loved ones.’”

Run your day how you want

Whether you opt for a weekend or weekday wedding, we make it possible to run your day exactly how you want. Although we do get booked up in advance, both our in-house team and suppliers provide all you need to create the perfect party. From the touches that make a wedding extra special to the grander gestures, we make each weekend and weekday wedding a unique celebration.

Now you’ve decided on your wedding date, let us take you through the invitation process. From who to invite to getting those RSVPs in on time, our blog is filled with lots of helpful advice for couples currently taking wedding planning in their stride.

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