How to work the red lip on your wedding day

Red lip lookRed lipstick is a classic makeup look for a reason. It’s timeless, chic and flattering for every skintone. However, there is a knack to pulling the look off. Here’s how to get it right.

Choose your lipstick based on your skintone

When deciding on the perfect red lipstick, the first aspect to consider is your skintone. Different skintones will suit different shades of red. It’s important to consider this before you invest in your lipstick, since a colour that looks good on your friend may not look good on you.

Women with “cooler” skin tones tend to have skin that flushes pink, and veins that run blue. They suit stark colour choices, like white or even black – this is especially true of those with pale skin but dark hair and eyes. Pale skinned women also match well with pastel shades such as baby blue, lemon or candy-coloured pink. This is probably best for pale but fair women.

Women with warmer skin tones tend to have veins that are green in colour, rather than blue. They usually suit earthy colours, like browns, burnt oranges and rich greens.

It’s a spectrum, and combinations of both warm and cool are natural. For example, if you have warm skin but a medium skin tone, then your lips will tend to flush a darker pink. If this is you, try a red lipstick with mauve undertones. Likewise, a woman with darker skin and warm undertones will very much suit a deep, bold red.

In contrast, women with cool, pale skin tones should always go for blue-based reds. Raspberry and cranberry shades of lipstick bring depth and freshness to women with cool-toned skin and a medium skintone. If you have darker skin, then consider a red lipstick in a deep purple or wine shade.

Go for a great formula

As the bride, you will want to pick a lipstick formula that is flattering and durable. A lipstick with a glossy finish will melt over the lips far quicker than one with a matte base.

MAC and Revlon do a number of fantastic matte reds that have been popular with shoppers and makeup artists for years. Both companies are a great place to start when shopping for the perfect red lipstick.

Applying red lip

Prep and prime

A durable red lip requires a little prep work. Before you apply your layers of red lipstick, make sure that your lips have been exfoliated and moisturised with a good quality lip balm. Prepping the lips will ensure that your lipstick applies well, appears smooth and lasts throughout the day and into the night.

In addition, always line your lips before applying a lipstick. The Lady Loves Couture explains:

“Always line lips if you’re wearing a full coverage red lipstick. It will create a crisp outline and prevent the red from feathering into vertical mouth lines.”

A killer red

The red lipstick is a timeless beauty look. Always choose with your skintone in mind and don’t forget to prep and prime. Anyone can pull a beautiful red lip off by following these simple tips.

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