Ellie & Ben

At last on the 24th May 2018, the day we had spent 3 years waiting for was finally here. We were so lucky, as the weather was hot and sunny.

The evening before I stayed at my new home with my mum and bridesmaids for a pre-wedding sleep over! Luckily we managed to get to bed on time… well just!

We woke up with lots of excitement to get to the venue!

I always imagined the morning of the wedding to be stressful with all us girls getting ready but it turned out to be so calm and relaxing. We had such a laugh with my mum and the girls as they kept me calm and at ease all morning. Helping me do up my dress, put on my shoes and jewellery. The most special part of the morning was when I opened Ben’s card he had written for me. It was very emotional and made me even more excited that we was only hours away from being married. Ben also surprised me with a Vivian Westwood handbag.

Ben stayed at his best man, James, house the evening before the wedding and arrived at Gosfield hall to freshen up with his groomsman at 11am. I also had left him a card and some Armani cuff links. He got very emotional too bless him. Ben then went downstairs with his groomsmen to greet all of our guests.

Our ceremony took place at 2pm, so before I knew it Ben’s dad had came up to collect me and we were on our way down the stairs to the ceremony room.

I remember I had butterfly’s in my stomach and was so nervous as I walked to the aisle but as soon as I saw Ben’s face, I was fine and we could not stop smiling. Ben got emotional when he saw me, which I loved.

After the ceremony, me and Ben went for a 5 minute drink by ourselves before having our confetti moment in the sun out in the courtyard.

This was a moment we both have said was a favourite, as the courtyard is such a beautiful part of he grounds at Gosfield Hall. I’ve always dreamt of having a confetti moment, so was magical to have ours in real life.

We then went on to have a drink and chat with all of our guests in the sun which was lovely to see everyone who had came to our special day. I remember I kept looking at Ben thinking “I can’t believe your actually my husband now”, it really is the most amazing feeling.

We went off for all of our photos, I enjoyed going for photos alone with Ben and it was another opportunity to have that ” just us moment” walking around the grounds outside together naturally.

We then returned and had our greeting line at the top of the stairs, we were unsure originally on whether to have one or not but we are both so glad we did as it really did give us that chance to speak to every single guest.

Then once all our guests were seated, we were announced in, which I loved walking in holding my new husbands hand.

Once sat down I remember me and Ben looking around seeing everyone sat together happy and laughing and we both said to each other “we can’t believe we did it”, we planned all of this for so long and it’s all came together perfectly. It’s the most rewarding feeling.

Then we had 3 speeches, which were all amazing in there own way!

Onto the most amazing food we have ever tasted, following the wedding we have had so many compliments on the venues food.

We then had some time to greet all of our wonderful evening guests, before the cutting of our cake and onto our first dance.

I loved our first dance as we didn’t plan it or rehearse it, we just went with the flow! I’m so glad we did, as whilst dancing it was like no one else was in the room just us. It was a very happy moment.

Then followed by a whole evening of fun in the photo booth, drinking, dancing and laughing on the dancing floor. We danced until the early hours!

The morning after when I woke up in our beautiful bridal suite next to my new husband, it felt like a dream. The best dream I could of ever had.

Thank you so much Gosfield Hall for giving us both the wedding of our dreams ????

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