Mum’s The Word

She once wiped your tears over a grazed knee but on the big day, your mum will be the one reaching for a Kleenex. Here is our guide on how to mix planning a wedding with mother-daughter bonding time.

Weddings are a confusing time for Mums- gone are the days when they took the reins on planning. Times have changed- Brides are older, more independent, and have a very clear idea of what they want from their big day. With this cultural shift comes consequences. Today, her role is undefined and many mums are left torn between wanting to help out but not wanting to come across as bossy and interfering.



Conversely, the role of the father of the Bride remains more or less the same – he walks the Bride down the aisle and has his moment to shine with a knockout wedding speech. Factor in that only 1% of tasks are now delegated to the parents with 61% of Brides planning their day solo and it’s safe to say our Mums can feel a little left out. But there are loads of ways you can make her feel included while taking the lead on planning and, actually a wedding is the perfect excuse to spend quality time together!

On the day there are lots of little things you can do that will mean a lot to her:

Get ready together– Have your hair and make-up done side by side so you can share the big-day build up together. A bit of pampering, chitchat and a bottle of pink English sparkling wine will steady your nerves.

Arrange a special delivery– Surprise Mum with a pretty box of sentimental gifts- a photograph of you together in a nice frame, a handwritten letter or a waterproof mascara.

Capture the moment– While you’re getting ready, take time to have photographs together- just the two of you. They’ll be the ones she’ll enjoy looking back at the most.

Break the rules– Mum can walk you up the aisle or say a few words during the ceremony. If Dad is doing the speech, maybe she could write hers on our chalkboard for you to put in the reception?

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