2021 weddings to see trend for mismatched bridesmaids continue


Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing number of brides opt to dress their bridesmaids in mismatching gowns. As @TheKnot says, “When executed correctly, mismatched bridesmaid dress colors will make your bridesmaids totally stand out—and different styles allow each bridesmaid to find a hue, cut and fabric perfectly suited (and flattering) for them.” This helps to ensure that all bridesmaids feel confident and look great on the day. And as happy bridesmaids make for a great wedding, we think this is one trend that will definitely continue into 2021.

Choose a colour scheme

The main risk with this trend is that bridesmaids end up looking more like guests than members of the wedding party. While some people may not mind this, most people will want their bridal party to stand out from the rest of their invited friends and family. A good way to ensure that your mismatched bridesmaids don’t blend into the background is to choose a colour scheme for the gowns. If they’re all broadly the same shade, it will unify your bridal party and help your bridesmaids to stand out. Choosing gowns from the same colour palette will also help to ensure they work well together.

Make the maid of honour stand out

One of the challenges of opting for mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses is that it can be difficult to make the maid of honour stand out. One way to do this is to have your main woman wear a print or pattern and keep the other gowns plain. Alternatively, you could have her wear a brighter, bolder shade of your chosen colour and keep the other gowns a little more muted. Another option is to have the other bridesmaids wear the same style of dress in different shades and then give your maid of honour a more elaborate gown to wear.

Let bridesmaids buy their own gowns

There are a number of major benefits of opting for a mismatched look. One is that you can ask bridesmaids to buy their own gowns. Simply give them an idea of what you’re looking for and let them find the gown that best suits their body shape. You can either give each bridesmaid a budget for their dress or, if you’re working to a very tight budget, ask them to buy their own.

This approach will save you a lot of time and ensure that your bridesmaids actually like the dresses they wear on your big day. As the gowns they buy are likely to be less ‘wedding-y’ than normal bridesmaids’ dresses, they should be able to wear them to other events in the future.

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