Creative ideas for seating charts

For many couples planning the seating for their wedding breakfast is one of the most challenging tasks they face.

Deciding who sits where can be tough, especially if there are complex family politics to overcome. A good way to inject some fun into the table plan is to get creative with your seating chart.

Like @OneFabDay says, “While some decor efforts sadly go unnoticed, the table plan is one thing all your guests will stop at and see, and so a little bit of creativity will really wow them.”

Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started.

Bottles and vases

There’s no reason your seating chart has to be in 2D. In fact, adding another dimension to the display can really bring it alive and help your wedding stand out from the crowd.

Remove the labels from a few old wine bottles and then print some new ones with a different table on each. You can then line your bottles up side by side, next to the entrance to your dining area.

Alternatively, invest in a pen that can write on glass and ceramic and hand write your table plan on some vases or plant pots. Liven up your display by placing some brightly coloured flowers in the pots or vases.

Windows and doors

Source a vintage window or door from a local second hand shop. When you get it home, clean it up and, give it a quick coat of paint.

When your window or door is ready use specialist paint and a thin brush to carefully inscribe the names of your guests in the correct places. If you can find a set of windows, you could use a different pane of glass for each table.

Photo collage

Instead of ‘find your place’, you could ask your guests to find their face by creating a photo collage seating chart. In order to successfully create a photo chart, you’ll need an image of every guest.

To achieve this, ask guests to send a photo back with their RSVP, or spend a few hours trawling their social media profiles. Once you have your images, you’ll need to print them and arrange them on a large board.

Guests will love looking through the photos and the collage will add a personal touch to your big day.

Photo frames

If you like the idea of a photo theme but don’t have time to put a collage together, you could use photo frames instead.

Simply print or write the names of your guests in their allotted tables and then place each table in a separate frame.

You can display the frames side by side or intersperse them with photos of you, your partner and your loved ones.

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