Family or friends walking you down the aisle

Although it’s traditionally the father of the bride who walks his daughter down the aisle in British weddings, there are no set rules about who has to escort you to the altar. If your dad is sadly no longer around or if there are other personal reasons you’d rather someone else took that all-important spot, the choice might be a difficult one. To help make your decision that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the friends and family members who could accompany you down the aisle.

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Your mum

If your dad isn’t able to walk you down the aisle, asking the most important woman in your life to do the honours is the obvious choice. As My Wedding says:

“If you two are close, this could mean so much to both of you.  If your father has passed, you could each carry a token of his down the aisle with you.”

Having your mum as part of the wedding party also gives you the perfect excuse to buy her a special outfit and is guaranteed to make her feel even more loved and appreciated on the day.

Your brother

Whether you’re close to your brother or not, having him walk you down the aisle on your wedding day is sure to be a special experience for you both. Get him all dressed up in a brand new suit and complete the look with a stylish buttonhole. If you don’t have a brother, why not ask your sister to escort you on this all-important journey instead?

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A male relative

If there’s a man in your life who’s been a father figure to you, asking them to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day could be the perfect way to show them just how much you care. Whether it’s your uncle, your step-dad, your grandfather, your cousin or anyone else in your family, choose the man who means the most to you – after your fiancée, of course – and make your day even more special.

Your best friend

Although most people choose a family member to walk them down the aisle, there are no rules saying you have to choose someone related to you by blood. Having your best friend by your side could help to make you feel more relaxed as you walk towards your beloved with all eyes on you. If you have two best friends, asking one to be maid of honour and one to walk you down an aisle could be a great way to show them both you care.

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Your fiancée

If you’re going to be spending the rest of your lives together, why not start as you mean to go on and walk up the aisle side by side. Showing your friends and family that you plan to be completely equal from day one, this show of unity could make a positive and exciting start to your wedding day.

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