The secluded honeymoon destinations made for romance

Enjoying that first week or two of married life together provides the perfect way to celebrate your new status. Indulging in a honeymoon (or mini-moon) is what most newlyweds do to continue their wedding party far away from the stresses of wedding planning or the prying eyes of wedding guests.

These days couples don’t tend to do honeymoons half-heartedly. The surge in YOLO (You Only Live Once) honeymoons has seen couples travelling further and adventuring harder than ever before. But those looking to limit distractions and up the romance will want to choose a more secluded honeymoon destination.

We reveal the most stunning secluded spots so you and your new husband or wife can eat, drink, snooze, soak up the sun and, most recover from wedding planning!

Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Make sure nothing distracts you from spending quality time together by checking into Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica. Enjoy laid-back luxe on your honeymoon in one of this eco-hotel’s exclusive, nature-inspired suites.

Pacuare Lodge is located in the heart of a tropical rainforest on the banks of the scenic Pacuare River. While you can easily while away the days in the comfort of your luxury suite, the lodge offers unlimited access to adventure and wellness.

Pacuare Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all. There’s no electricity in the suites so you can indulge in a digital detox and really be present with your partner.

Its honeymoon suite is particularly impressive. Honeymooners stay in a canopy villa suspended above the forest floor. As well as enjoying uninterrupted views of its stunning rainforest surroundings, you’ll have your own king-size canopy bed, covered deck, and private spring water swimming pool.

Find out more about the idyllic surroundings and authentic experiences on offer at Pacuare Lodge here.

ION Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Cold is the new hot, a fact that has made Iceland a popular honeymoon destination in recent years. Guide to Iceland explains more about why this fascinating country is the perfect spot for honeymooners:

“Lovestruck honeymooners will find no better location to celebrate their recent wedding than Iceland, a land famed for its ethereal landscapes, creative culture and wide range of exciting tour activities.

Travellers with their fingers on the pulse know all too well that Iceland is one of the world’s most scenic and naturally diverse destinations on earth. With safe city streets, luxury hotels, a welcoming population and countless ways to spend your days, Iceland just happens to be the perfect honeymoon choice for adoring couples.”

Iceland may be a great place to go on one epic adventure, but it’s also a destination made for romance. If you’re lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights during your honeymoon, they provide the perfect backdrop for romance.

You can also enjoy complete relaxation in the country’s many geothermal spas and pools, including its world-famous Blue Lagoon. The beauty of Iceland’s natural wonders will leave you speechless. Explore its waterfalls, ice caves, glaciers, and geysers during your honeymoon.

Those looking for a secluded place to call home during their honeymoon in Iceland will love ION Adventure Hotel. This quiet, soulful, and eco-friendly hotel provides easy access to the best of Iceland’s natural wonders.

After a long day of adventure, you can retire in pure luxury thanks to the hotel’s super chic, industrially inspired interiors, which are surrounded by the most stunning mountain views.

In addition, you can also enjoy a drink in their Northern Lights Bar which is fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows to allow you to witness the greatest light show on Earth.

Discover more about ION Adventure Hotel here.

Bequia Beach Hotel, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers romance, nature, wellness and pure escapism. The Caribbean nation consists of 32 islands in total, and is considered the last of the real Caribbean. The country remains relatively untouched by mainstream tourism but that doesn’t mean you have to slum it.

Bequia Beach Hotel offers all the luxury you’d expect from a honeymoon yet none of the distractions. The hotel is based on the tiny island of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Bequia measures seven square miles and is home to just 5,000 residents. Bequia Beach Hotel is the only hotel on the entire island. Those staying at Bequia Beach Hotel will be rewarded with peace, pristine beaches, lush green surroundings and four-star luxury.

For further details on Bequia Beach Hotel click here.

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