Interactive Wedding Elements Make It All About Guest Experience

Do you want your wedding to be the talk of the town? If you want a memorable wedding then one of the best ways to make sure your guests remember your wedding is to introduce one of this year’s hottest wedding trends — interactive reception amenities — into your wedding.

If you are looking for ways to keep your guests entertained, then look no further than arranging plenty of pleasant surprises for them that will keep the mood merry — especially in the quieter lulls that can sometimes occur during the day, for example when you are away from the crowd having your wedding photographs taken. Interactive activities come in a wide variety of different types, from magicians to Candy Carts which can be hired from the team at Gosfield Hall.

There are many activities that you can arrange to keep your guests busy, some of which are very easy to organise when you are pressed for time in the days running up to your Big Day, and will suit any venue from the most rustic and low key to the most awe-inspiring, like Essex’s former palace, Gosfield Hall.

Sketch Artists

Being able to take home a personalised sketch or caricature of yourself and your loved one when you attend the next wedding of a friend or family member is an unexpected but very welcome surprise.


Hiring a magician is the perfect entertainment for weddings with children as guests as well as child-free affairs. Who hasn’t been absorbed by a magician performing a trick whether on the television or in real life? A magician can be used to mingle with your guests early on in the day as an incredible conversation starter or later on in the evening to keep the buzz in the room going.

Photo Booths

Photo booths have been a regular feature of weddings for a long time and for good reason! They offer a two in one kind of deal if you book one for your wedding as they provide both entertainment as well as providing you with photographs of your reception that you can then use as favours after the wedding, or even straight away.


There are all sorts of internal and external games that you can hire, purchase or borrow to keep your guests happy all night long at your wedding. Games like rounders are perfect for weddings at the beach, out in the countryside or in venues with large gardens. There are also giant, oversized versions of lawn games, like Jenga and Connect Four that can be hired from Gosfield Hall.


Fireworks displays are a fantastic way to round off your special day and will ensure that your day is remembered by everyone. If fireworks are too difficult to organise then sparklers will also go down very well with all of your guests, particularly with any children invited. If you’re getting married around Bonfire Night then this is the perfect way to end your night; even better if your guests can watch the bangs and pops whilst munching away on a toffee apple!


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