The magic of getting married at a former royal residence

Though city weddings can be stylish, pub receptions can be fun and back-garden dos charming, few things can beat the beauty, atmosphere and grandeur of a real country house wedding. Offering the perfect venue for a summer ceremony, or a winter wedding, stately homes will provide you with the stunning backdrop, the evocative setting and […] read more

posted on 21st Apr 2017

Every bride wants clear, glowing skin on her wedding day. In this post we’ve put together our top tips on how to make sure your skin is in the best condition on the day. Match your routine to your skin needs Different people need different skin care routines: each person will have their own unique […] read more

posted on 14th Apr 2017

As SheKnows points out, “People are getting married at any stage, at any age and in any way they want to.” This has lead to an increase in the number of brides shunning traditional ceremonies and opting for something a little different instead. In the first part of our guide for the ‘un-bridesy bride’, we […] read more

posted on 7th Apr 2017

There are some women out there who dream about their wedding day all their lives. From imagining the dress, to picturing the perfect husband, a lot of brides have it all worked out before they’ve even met Mr Right. On the other hand however, there are some women who’ve never really given marriage a second […] read more

posted on 31st Mar 2017

A good bride wants to make sure her bridesmaids look and feel beautiful and glamorous on her wedding day, but this can be a difficult task when your bridesmaids have different preferences and body types. Read on for our advice on how to style your bridesmaids. Carefully consider colour and cut Consider how each of […] read more

posted on 24th Mar 2017

For your hen party, you’ll want to remember the night for a long time to come – so carefully organising and planning a great night will be well worth the effort. One way to make your night more memorable, is to set a theme. Read on for some imaginative hen night themes. 1920’s Great Gatsby […] read more

posted on 17th Mar 2017

In the run up to your wedding and on the big day itself, your bridesmaids are there to support you. Like @theknot says, “They’re supposed to be there for you through gown fittings, crazy in-laws, and crazier grooms to be. But sometimes, even your best support systems can buckle under the strain.” Occasionally, when the […] read more

tags: bridesmaids 

posted on 10th Mar 2017

The colours you select for your wedding décor will have a big impact on everything from the look of your photos to the satisfaction of your bridesmaids. Choose shades that work well together, enhance your skin tone and complement your setting, photos and bridal party. Choose clashing shades on the other hand and your bridesmaids, […] read more

posted on 7th Mar 2017

These days, it’s not uncommon for one, or even both newlyweds to have parents who are separated and this is often something that can make organising the day that little bit more complicated. Like A Practical Wedding says “When both your parents and your future in-laws are divorced, planning a wedding sometimes feels like walking through […] read more

posted on 24th Feb 2017

Traditional veils can provide a classic, striking look for any bride on her wedding day. Traditional veils tend to be white, have 1, 2, or 3 tiers, and are generally fashioned from synthetic tulle, silks, or a mix of the two. Classic veils can be a variety of lengths, from the shoulder to the trailing […] read more

posted on 17th Feb 2017

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