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Picking out the perfect soundtrack to your wedding is a key part of organising your big day, from the aisle walk to the first dance; have you considered which songs or styles of music you’d love to feature on the day? Below we explore the various musical options available to you on your wedding day. […] read more

posted on 23rd Sep 2016

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” It’s a fun rhyme that first originated in 1867, with “something blue” representing love and purity, and has since become one of those quirky little things weaved into wedding folklore, albeit leaving out the sixpence in the shoe. For a traditional wedding, […] read more

posted on 16th Sep 2016

Your hen night is the time to let loose and have fun with your girlfriends before your big day. A great hen night should be fun and adventurous; a memorable celebration with all of your closest friends. Are you stuck for ideas on how to make the most of your hen do? We’ve got you […] read more

tags: hen do, hen night 

posted on 9th Sep 2016

Having a colour theme at your wedding will give unity to your decorations, outfits and accessories, while ensuring that your day has a unique aesthetic of its own. What’s more, a colour theme can make it easier to narrow down your options when it comes to bridesmaids dresses, flowers and flavours, which is invaluable when […] read more

posted on 2nd Sep 2016

Once thought of as bringing bad luck, black is being used more and more in weddings of all types. Used well, black can really help to set off a colour theme or add character to your aesthetics. Like My Wedding Favors says “As an accent color, black can add a level of sophistication that you […] read more

posted on 26th Aug 2016

Take a look at Tom and Emma’s beautiful midsummer night’s themed wedding. This day exuded elegance, creativity, sophistication and love! The hair and make up for Emma and the Bridal Party was done by the fabulous Tamara Girvray, Gemma Chapman and Amelia Sharp in our gorgeous Lady’s Chambers. They put the girls at ease and […] read more

posted on 22nd Aug 2016

Giving couples a central idea to base their outfits, décor, favours and even menu around, themes are a great way to give a wedding an identity, a unity and a fantastic aesthetic. As WedPics says “A theme or some sort of coherent concepts will tie together the personal elements of your wedding and create a mood […] read more

posted on 19th Aug 2016

For those who simply adore all things arty, there are many little additions one can incorporate into a wedding, turning it into a vision of creative beauty. With theme weddings as popular as ever, an art lover’s wedding could be something a little different from the norm, incorporating unique little quirks and adornments that will […] read more

posted on 12th Aug 2016

Looking at what colours say about you, it’s said that if you love blue you are patient, wise, well-balanced, and loved for your ability to take everything into perspective. On the other hand, if you love purple, you are said to be outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming, so with the intriguing colour of violet, you […] read more

posted on 5th Aug 2016

Spring and summer weddings are a time for exuberant colours – bright yellows, reds, purples, blues. These colours befit the glorious seasons when nature explodes in all its rich variety. So, if you’re green fingered and a devotee of all things horticultural, why not explore the idea of having a garden-themed wedding? There are so […] read more

posted on 29th Jul 2016

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