When should I get wedding insurance?

When should I get wedding insurance?

Planning a worry-free wedding isn’t easy. Every couple after all has their own expectations to exceed, while additional pressures from family members can also take their toll during the planning process. Having a Plan B for the little and bigger dramas that can occur when organising this very special occasion is therefore advisable, and that’s where wedding insurance comes in!

What’s covered with wedding insurance?

In our opinion, every realistic wedding budget should include insurance. For a relatively small fee when compared to the cost of your wider wedding, you can cover your big day for all kinds of eventualities. Unlike other insurance types, wedding insurance costs are paid on a one-off basis rather than as a monthly expense.

While the cost of wedding insurance varies – ranging from £143 to £188 on average – you’ll be covered for a wide range of mishaps. This includes the cancellation of your wedding ceremony and/or reception due to accident, illness, bereavement or extreme weather. Your wedding outfits, gifts, photographs and videos, rings, flowers, transportation, vendors, and legal expenses are also generally covered in some capacity.

What’s not covered with wedding insurance?

It is important to state that like any other insurance, terms apply and payout in the event of an issue comes with conditions.

Wedding insurance policies for example only tend to cover your wedding rings for a short period of time before and after your wedding. Your wedding rings can however be added to your home and contents insurance for additional protection. Your wedding video and photographs are also covered, but not for issues like quality.

Wedding insurance policies don’t cover another big wedding expense either as Hitched explains:

“No, wedding insurance won’t cover your honeymoon, you’ll need travel insurance for this. Cover for your honeymoon will be the same as holiday cover, so you can use tools such as Compare the Market to find the best deal for you. It’s best to purchase your policy as soon as you book in case of cancellations. Remember, if you’re going skiing or taking part in any other risky activities while you’re away, make sure you have insurance that covers you for this.”

When should I buy wedding insurance?

You can actually take wedding insurance out up to two years prior to your wedding date with selected policies. By purchasing wedding insurance early, you’ll enjoy extra peace of mind as you plan the biggest day of your life. You will be covered for longer too and could even claim for expenses incurred during the planning stages.

Do I really need wedding insurance?

In short, yes! For the small, one-off fee that accompanies most wedding insurance policies, it’d be silly not to. The benefits of purchasing wedding insurance are after all many, with couples covered for a variety of circumstances, and able to protect themselves and their hard-earned cash as a result.

As of January 2024, all couples marrying at Gosfield Hall, or any other Country House Weddings venue, must acquire wedding insurance within 21 days of booking their wedding date. If they do not purchase the relevant wedding insurance, their wedding will be cancelled, so make sure getting wedding insurance is a priority. 

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