Should I design an engagement ring for my fiancée-to-be?

So, you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question? Now the fun really begins. As well as planning the perfect proposal, getting engaged to the one you love involves shopping for the most important piece of jewellery they’ll ever wear – no pressure!

Finding an engagement ring your fiancée- or fiancé-to-be really loves isn’t easy. There are tons to choose from, with the ring’s cut, the stone’s clarity, and its setting type all giving you plenty to think about. So, what if off-the-shelf designs just don’t cut it?

Designing your own engagement ring is an excellent solution and one that unlocks many benefits. In this blog post, we take a closer look at why designing an engagement ring is the perfect way to show your love.

You’ll create something utterly unique

For an engagement ring that is as unique as your partner is, a custom-made design is the way to go. By going custom with your engagement ring, you’ll have the creative freedom to bring their unique vision to life. When designing your own engagement ring, be sure to talk to your partner to establish their likes and dislikes before you forge ahead.

Communication is the key to a successful custom design, even if they’re completely unaware that you’ll be using the findings of your casual conversations about rings for something extra special.

It’s the ultimate sentimental touch

There’s nothing more romantic than designing a custom ring for the one you love, and they’ll appreciate this sentimental touch. As well as having sentimental value, a custom engagement ring will serve as a touching reminder of just how much thought went into the entire process, every time you see it on their finger.

You could even design the ring together

Shopping for an engagement ring solo is one of the many engagement traditions modern couples are turning on their heads.

Just like organising your big day, shopping for an engagement ring is better together and leaves absolutely no room for error to ensure a truly stress-free engagement. If you have your heart set on a custom engagement ring, designing it together is a great way to celebrate your engagement as well as a brilliant bonding experience as Choose the Ring details:

“Buying a ring together truly is a romantic bonding experience. It gets you and your partner excited about the future and what’s to come. And, it allows for some nervous anticipation which can definitely help spice up a relationship. Discussing the future is one thing, but moving toward a goal together is something indescribably romantic and special.”

It’s a look that will last a lifetime

By opting for a custom-made ring, instead of a shop-bought design, you’ll have a bespoke piece that is often higher quality than a pre-finished alternative.

When looking for a jewellery designer to bring your vision to life, do your research to ensure you get the finish you want (and that she’s always dreamed of) and a ring that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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