The pros and cons of an adults-only wedding

The pros and cons of an adults-only wedding

Adults-only weddings are more common than people think. Yes, you’re not alone in debating whether to go kid-free or not! Saying “sorry, no children” really is a matter of personal preference but if you’re on the fence, the following list of pros and cons may just help you make up your mind.

It can be difficult to say “no kids allowed”

With weddings synonymously child-friendly, choosing an adults-only occasion may naturally lead to hurt feelings, which makes clear communication on your preferences a must. Saying “sorry, no kids” isn’t easy, but as Joy explains it’s all in the wording:

“You and your spouse know your guest list best. Are the majority of your friends and family light and sassy, or are they more reserved? Knowing the style of those who will RSVP for your wedding can go a long way in determining the phrasing you should use. Another thing to consider is the formality of your wedding. An upscale, traditional event will require equally proper wording. A casual, relaxed wedding calls for more playful words.”

Whether letting your guests know via your wedding website or adults-only wedding invitations, be polite but to the point to ensure there’s zero confusion.

You and your guests can really let your hair down

The main benefit of hosting an adults-only shindig is the fact that you’ll be giving your guests one of the greatest gifts of all – a moment of peace.

An adults-only wedding is great for ensuring all your nearest and dearest can really relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding day – without distractions. Entertaining the kids (and keeping them out of trouble at a very big occasion like a wedding) can after all be a lot of pressure.

Your wedding party may be a little less cute

Children play important roles in many couples’ wedding days. There really is nothing cuter than a pint-sized ring bearer or flower girl! The cute factor of your wedding may even hinge on the attendance of your lovely niece, adorable nephew or another darling family member.

While many wedding industry experts recommend an all-or-nothing rule when hosting a kid-free ceremony or reception, it is important to note that there are exceptions to the rule. It’s perfectly acceptable to include ring bearers and flower girls in your wedding party while limiting the attendance of other children.

A better-organised, smoother wedding timeline

Hosting and entertaining children at a wedding doesn’t come without its challenges. With this, you may have to rethink many aspects of your wedding day (including the entertainment on offer) to ensure those little ones are catered for.

When going adults-only however, you can cater for your wedding party your way and put your personal preferences ahead of the happiness of younger guests.

Your wedding may not be as family-orientated

For couples who have a family-orientated wedding day in mind, extending the invite to younger guests is a great option. While hosting kids comes with its challenges, it also brings fun, laughter and playfulness.

Less noise, interruptions and unnecessary stress

We’re not saying children are the source of all wedding day worries, but for marrying couples who don’t have kids of their own, the prospect of an adults-only wedding will be far less daunting. During the ceremony, you’ll just have the happy tears of grown-ups to handle rather than the cries of bored children!

Parents may struggle to attend due to childcare

While a kid-free wedding can make things a little less problematic for you, it can make it difficult for guests who are parents to attend your wedding.

A family-friendly wedding is more convenient for parents in many respects as well as inclusive for people of all ages. Weigh up whether you’ll miss certain guests if they can’t arrange appropriate childcare for your big day for better clarity.

There are many wedding ideas that could help you and your guests enjoy the best of both worlds on your big day. Join us in exploring just one of them by reading our guide to wedding crèches.

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