Step 1 – Get Engaged!

As one of the girls in the office at Gosfield Hall, I am forever talking about everything to do with weddings. The dress, the ring, the shoes, the cake, the flowers- you name it, I will talk to you about it. I’m 100% sure that the rest of the girls in the office have been sick to death of me talking about weddings- especially as I was not even getting married!


Until last Wednesday… My boyfriend finally popped the question! Yippee! I can now talk about weddings every hour of each day and not get told off!! (Although they are not making any promises!) As you can imagine, I have been looking to get married to my partner for a very long time and when his brother got married this year I did hope that it would be us next!

be my valentine / be my valentine

Having been together for 4 years now I assumed he would pop the question soon but I had absolutely no idea he was going to do it the day before his birthday! How very selfless of the man! We had decided to have dinner in together, have a bath, snuggle up and watch a film- perfect evening! After dinner I said to him that I was going to whip up a cheesecake for his birthday the next day. During this time one of my neighbours ‘coincidentally’ called me and told me I had to come over to hers! Feeling very confused and somewhat worried about her, I stopped my baking and told Dean (the fiancée!!) I was briefly popping over to see my neighbour to see if she was okay!


Little did I know that this was just a ruse! After around 15 minutes of chatting about when we were going to see each other next (nothing to worry about), I apologised and said I had to get home to finish the cheesecake. When I got home Dean had run me a bath and told me to enjoy! After I got out of the bath I shouted for him to say ‘bath’s ready!’ having had no reply after several shouts I opened the bathroom door and there was hundreds of red rose petals scattered from the bathroom door into the bedroom with a little card saying ‘follow the petals’ so I did (with my hands over my face) all the way to the bedroom window where another card read ‘open the blind’ and as I did, in tea lights he had written ‘will you marry me?’ in the garden!

Tin Can Tea Light Holders

This was, in my opinion, the best proposal ever- I was crying hysterically and when I eventually calmed down (yes I was calm when I said) ‘where’s the ring, where’s the ring?!’ and he got down on one knee and pulled this little black box out. It was perfect, I could not have picked better myself!


Jessica at Gosfield Hall

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