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Bridesmaids at Gosfield Hall

A good bride wants to make sure her bridesmaids look and feel beautiful and glamorous on her wedding day, but this can be a difficult task when your bridesmaids have different preferences and body types. Read on for our advice on how to style your bridesmaids.

Carefully consider colour and cut

Consider how each of your bridesmaids will look and feel in your desired dress colours and cuts of dress.  Different bridesmaids may feel comfortable in different styles, so it’s important to take this into account when considering their dresses.

When thinking about your shade of bridesmaid dress, consider how the shade of it will work with each ladies skin tone. For example, a very pale woman may look washed out in a very bold or vibrant colour. In contrast, a woman with dark skin may not look her best in a pastel shade. It’s important to consider what will flatter your each of them, without sacrificing your chosen colour scheme; luckily there are many shades to work with within the colour palette and you can easily play around with different shades until you find the ideal tone for both you and your bridesmaids.

It’s also likely that your bridesmaids will have different body types and different women may feel uncomfortable, or self-conscious in certain styles and cuts of dress. It’s important to be sensitive to how each of your bridesmaids’ will look and feel in their dress. For example, a fuller figured woman may feel less comfortable in a form hugging dress, while a very tall woman may feel uncomfortable in a short bridesmaid dress.

One way around both of these challenges is to consider different dresses for different women. While uniform dresses can look chic and pulled together, it may work best to choose different dresses if each of your bridesmaids has a completely different look.

Bridesmaids with bouquetsReject tradition

One fun way to reject tradition and highlight the glamour of your own gown, is to style your bridesmaid dresses with a fun, short hemline. Hitched highlights the charms of this style:

“If you want to look supremely elegant, style your maids in a fun, girly way as a contrast. Choose shorter dresses, such as this fabulously flirty design by Mori Lee Bridesmaids, to allow your full-length bridal gown to take centre stage (or vice versa).”

Another way to bring a fresh and modern look to your bridesmaids dresses is by experimenting with different prints and fabrics. Bold prints can bring a fun feel to your bridesmaids’ look and experimenting with unique fabrics can keep them looking modern and chic.

It’s all about the accessories

When styling your bridesmaids you have lots of options for accessories. From floral hair garlands, to a an array of colourful, sparkly bangles – you can dress your bridesmaids’ look up with some beautiful, colourful accessories.

Stunning bridesmaids

To ensure that your bridesmaids look stunning on your wedding day, be sure to carefully consider how the shade and cut of dress will suit each of them. Don’t shy away from bold prints and fun cuts and shake up their formal look with some statement accessories.

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