Father of the bride duties

The father of the bride has an important role to play in a wedding. It will no doubt be a very proud moment for your dad when he gives you away on your wedding day!

However, father of the bride duties is much more than just walking you down the aisle and making the after-dinner speech at your wedding breakfast.

Father of the Bride Traditions

Traditionally the father of the bride paid for everything, this tradition is rather a sexist one. This goes back to when dowries were attached to daughters, as taking on a wife was seen as a financial liability, which meant the bride’s father paid for everything. This tradition has thankfully been left in the past, but elements of the custom are still practiced in modern day weddings.

The tradition of walking the bride down the aisle and giving her away goes back to the time when daughters were seen as their father’s property.

Bright Hub Education explain, “In ancient times, it was very common for female children to have either arranged marriages or be purchased by their future groom so-to-speak. The root word “wedd” of Anglo-Saxon derivation actually means a “pledge” or “vow”. This either referred to the groom vowing to marry the woman or it meant the barter money or trade agreement with the bride’s father for his daughter. The actual word wedding refers to a “wager”.

Father of the Bride Duties for the Big Day

  • After the father of the bride greets his daughter in the bridal suite with her bridal party, he will then travel with the bride to the wedding venue. This is a special time for father and daughter, as it gives the opportunity to share a few private moments together before the wedding takes place. Make sure you get lots of photos of you both in the car together for you both to look back on.
  • When a father walks his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day will be one of the proudest moments in a father’s life. Make sure you have rehearsed in the run up to the wedding, so that you know when to enter, the speed to walk and where you will sit down. Also, if you are wearing a veil, get dad to practice lifting it, – it isn’t as straightforward as you think.
  • The father of the bride speech is an important part of a wedding. The father of the bride will kick off the speeches, this is followed by the groom’s speech then the best man. The father of the bride speech needs to be warm, engaging, humorous, and memorable.
  • Traditionally it is the bride’s father that hosts the wedding reception. A receiving line is a lovely way to welcome all the guests. The bride’s parents will start the line this is followed by the newlyweds, then the groom’s parents. At the end of the reception, the father of the bride will say goodbye to guests as they leave the venue, and ensure that all the vendors are paid.
  • One of the loveliest traditions at any wedding is the father daughter dance. This a wonderful moment for father and daughter when they can share a special dance together. Choose a song that is meaningful to you both, and practice your dance in advance. This is when your dad will get a few special moments with you on your special day. This will be a wonderful moment that both of you will remember forever.

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