How to pull off the minimalist wedding theme


For some couples, less is more. Sparkling wedding dresses, table tops styled with vases of overflowing flowers and wedding decorations dipped in glitter and feathers – these are anathema to minimalist couples. Read on for our advice on how to enjoy a chic, pared back wedding.

Go monochrome


A simple monochrome colour palette for your attire, decor and finishing touches is an ideal start. A black and white colour scheme offers a timeless, classic chic, especially when applied to elements like the bouquets or the invitations.

The groom and bride

Bride and groom

For  a minimalist wedding, the bride and groom are often styled in a monochrome palette. The groom wears a black tuxedo style suit, with a white flower for buttonhole decoration. The bride can opt for a simple white dress with a bouquet of white flowers. Simple outfits in these shades complement each other beautifully on the day itself.

Bridal styling

Bridal style

As a bride, you can often feel overwhelmed by the lavish dress and accessory styles on offer. Flowing dresses adorned with sequins, lace and crystal beads, glistening tiaras and overflowing bouquets can all feel like a bit much to a bride who is a minimalist at heart. Luckily, there are many chic alternatives to choose from.

A minimalist bride’s look is one that is clean and polished; her style presents refined glamour and elegance. There are many beautiful bridal dresses with unfettered designs on the market.  Dresses made from silk, or styled from lace are great options as they tend to be more basic in design while retaining a glamorous feel.

A jumpsuit also well captures the classic feel of minimalist chic – going for a well-tailored white jumpsuit offers a refined air and highlights the charms of going for a look that is uncluttered and stylish.

A minimalist bride will likely wish to style her hair in a modest way. Leave out the extras like flowers, crystals or headpieces, and opt for flowing locks. A relaxed wave or gentle curl are both brilliant and uncomplicated.

The bridesmaids can be styled in neutral tones. Combined with punchy bouquets for colour and simple updos, this look will be popular in perpetuity.

Let your venue do the talking

Many brides and grooms go for extravagant decor on their wedding day, but as a minimalist couple you might like to let your venue do the talking. Picking a strong venue that speaks for itself is the perfect way to go for a minimalist bride and groom.

Go minimalist on your wedding day

My Wedding perfectly sum up the allure of a minimalist wedding:

“Clean, minimalist wedding details are a beautiful and simple way to elevate the style of your big day.”

A minimalist wedding is elegant, classy and never OTT; it’s a great choice for a bride and groom that want to hold a wedding with a timeless appeal.

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