How to save money on your honeymoon

Honeymoon walk on the beach

There are many ways to save money on your honeymoon: booking early and setting up a registry are just some of the suggestions that can help you make the most out of your honeymoon budget.

Book early

Booking your honeymoon early is one of the key ways that you can save money on your romantic trip. Discuss your trip well in advance, considering both your destination and your preferred accommodation. The earlier you book flights, and holiday packages, the more you can save. In addition, inexpensive hotel rooms will generally sell out quickly, so you will be left with the more expensive suites if you leave your booking too late.

Set up a registry

Rather than asking for gifts, or the typical household items that many couples ask for on their gift registry, why not set up a honeymoon fund? Your wedding guests can help fund your honeymoon, taking an edge off of the stress of having to pull it off with your savings alone.

Embrace the shoulder season

High-season will guarantee you beautiful weather, but can be crowded and very expensive. Low-season is typically much cheaper, but you will have to sacrifice on ideal weather conditions. The Knot recommends booking during ‘shoulder season’ to save money, without sacrificing favourable weather conditions, “Shoulder seasons, however, are right on the cusp of high and low, so the prices are more reasonable because there’s less demand and the weather is still pretty good. Shoulder season for the Caribbean is late spring and fall, or for Europe, it’s late spring or early fall”.

Consider exchange rates

Europe and America won’t take you far, in regards to currency and exchange rates. Choosing locations where your money will take you further, such as Mexico or Thailand, will allow you to indulge without guilt or worry.

Chopping board and food

Cook for yourself

Book a villa, or browse the many quirky and interesting flats and homes on offer on Airbnb, so that you can enjoy total privacy and also save yourself money, by cooking your own meals. Renting out a villa or flat, where you have access to a kitchen, will help you cut the costs associated with inclusive hotel catering.

Go all-inclusive

All-inclusive honeymoon packages, where your food, drinks, and accommodation are all paid for, are a great choice if you are looking to cut costs. These packages are ideal if you are working with a set budget, as you can easily ensure that you don’t overspend.

Do your research

There are many hidden, inexpensive, local gems in every honeymoon destination. Befriending local residents is one excellent way of gaining a privileged insight into where the best places to eat, and be entertained, are to be found. Local establishments that aren’t connected with tourism are generally less expensive and will offer you a more authentic experience. Another way to scope out inexpensive, high-quality venues, is to look online and find reviews of the local area that you will be staying in.

You can save yourself money on your honeymoon by booking early, doing your research, and going all-inclusive.

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