Tips for the Maid of Honour

Acting as maid of honour to a friend or relative is an exciting (and scary!) task. There’s a Hen Do to plan, a gang of other bridesmaids to organise, and a speech to perfect. Not to mention several other important jobs on the big day itself. However, with some simple tricks you can feel confident of doing your job perfectly. Read on for our advice to maids of honour feeling the pressure.

Maid of honour tips

Organise the Hen Night

One of your most important jobs as a maid of honour is organising an awesome hen night. As one of her closest companions, you likely already know the kind of night your friend will like best. Take the time to research the different hen events and venues available to you. There are hen packages and events designed for any occasion.

Plan the event far in advance, and ensure that you get your invites out to each of her friends and family members who will be attending the hen. By sending out invites early, you’ll avoid your friend’s disappointment of not having certain friends and family members at the hen party.

Provide moral and practical support

Your friend’s wedding day is a huge event in her life and she will likely be feeling several different emotions. There will be a lot of pressure on her to get certain elements of her day ‘perfect’, and she may be feeling the strain in the run up to her wedding. As such, be sure that you are there to guide her through each process and to provide all the practical and emotional support she needs. Check in regularly with your friend to see how she’s doing and take some of the weight off of her shoulders, taking on more responsibilities if need be.

Offer financial support

Practical and moral support are mandatory when it comes to fulfilling your role as the maid of honour. However, if your friend is strapped for cash then you can also help greatly by offering financial support. Wedding Ideas Mag suggests the best way to do this is by offering to pay for your dress, shoes or other wedding day accessories:

“Although traditionally the bride should pay for the bridesmaids dresses, we appreciate that budgets these days have become a little tighter. If you know your bride is struggling with funds, offer to pay for a part of your outfit, such as the dress, shoes or accessories. Even if she insists on paying for everything, the gesture will mean you’re more likely to get the things you want and the bride will love you for your generosity.”

Fulfilling your duties

It may seem intimidating when you are first faced with your duties as the maid of honour. Don’t be nervous. The best thing you can do is help the bride wherever you can, and plan all your responsibilities in advance to put her mind at ease.

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