How to care for your wedding and engagement rings

After putting so much effort into finding the perfect wedding and engagement rings, you will want to keep them in the best condition possible. Fortunately, with a small amount of effort you can keep them in perfect shape for decades.

Wedding rings

Get your rings professionally cleaned and cared for

Some may be tempted to try and clean your rings at home, but most jewellers recommend a professional cleaning. Despite the cost, a regular professional clean will keep your rings in the best possible shape over the years.

There is an added benefit of taking your rings to the jeweller. During a clean, they will ensure your diamonds are still fitted securely to the face of your ring. Brides mentions this on their site:

“It is very important to schedule maintenance appointments with your jeweller at least once a year to make sure the prongs are tight, the diamond isn’t loose and there are no hairline cracks in the shank…all around maintenance is vital.”

Treat your rings carefully

Diamonds and precious metals are generally resistant to wear and tear. However, they are still vulnerable to chipping. Take care not to knock them against harder materials. You must also be wary of wearing two rings that are made from different materials on the same finger – the lower quality metal may damage the superior one.

If you are using harsh cleaning products such as bleach, you should remove your rings first. These kinds of chemicals can damage your jewellery.

Finally, be careful when it comes to removing your rings, in case you lose them! Be sure to place them in a safe place, no one wants to lose a ring down the plug hole and have to call out the plumber. Avoid removing your rings in a public place, since it will be even more difficult to find them or retrieve them should the worst happen.

Wearing wedding ring

Insure your rings

One of the most important things you can do is to insure your engagement and wedding rings. If your ring gets damaged or lost then insurance will help cover the cost. Be careful to take out insurance that covers other factors, like theft.

Caring for your rings

You wedding and engagement rings are the most precious and meaningful items of jewellry you will own. Many couples spend hours picking out their perfect rings but few take the time to protect them properly. By following these simple tips, your sentimental rings will retain their sparkle for the rest of your lives together.

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