How to incorporate charity contributions into your wedding

Charity card

Part of the thrill of getting married is basking in a day of romance and celebration especially for you and your partner. Beyond celebrating your relationship and making a long-term commitment to each other, incorporating a special cause into your wedding can be a wonderful way to raise money for a good cause and enhance the joy you feel on your wedding day.


One of the easiest ways to include charitable contributions in your wedding day is by giving your guests favours that help local charities. Like @goodnet_org says, “There are tons of creative wedding favor ideas – why not insert the good doing edge by sending loved ones home with a favor that supports a cause?”

If you want to keep it simple, you could give each of your guests a charity wristband to wear or, if you want to give them something more indulgent, contact your local Oxfam and ask for a job lot of fair trade chocolates or truffles. Make sure you affix a card with details of your chosen charity so that your guests know exactly who’s benefiting.


Another easy way to raise charity funds at your wedding is to make a collection during the evening. You can either have the collection announced during the speeches and pass a bucket round to collect donations, or you can place a box at the entrance to your venue and ask guests to deposit donations when they leave.

Gift list

If you want to raise a serious amount of money for a cause that’s close to your heart, you could forgo a wedding gift list and ask guests to make charitable donations instead. To do this, you can either list your chosen charity in the invitation and simply request guests make donations, or you can sign up for a specially designed charity gift list and allow your loved ones to purchase specific items for worthy causes. A lot of charities offer online gift lists, so just get in touch with your chosen cause to find out more.

Wedding flower decoration

Rehome your flowers

Instead of letting your flowers go to waste, why not donate them to a local nursing home or other worthy cause? As well as helping to brighten up someone else’s day, this will save you throwing away all your beautiful blooms once the day is done.

Donate your dress

Though some women like to keep their dresses for posterity, in reality it’s unlikely you’ll ever wear the gown again – so you could donate it to charity and help a worthy cause, instead of clogging up your wardrobe space.

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