Are you faking the cake?

This year’s wedding cake trends see a bevy of creations that look the part and taste divine. From inky black wedding cakes to alternative tiers made from cheese, wedding cake designs are more creative than ever.

But, in a world where zero waste is becoming a reality, couples aren’t just thinking creatively but thoughtfully as they look to fulfil their big day ambitions and cater to their guest list.

In a quest for eco-friendliness and a more budget friendly option, an increasing number of couples are choosing to have just one edible tier in their wedding cake design. The remaining tiers are fake or faux, made from polystyrene or another inedible material.

Cake dummies were traditionally used to showcase a baker’s talents at a show or photoshoot, or used to creatively decorative their shop window. They’re now firmly apart of the wedding scene, but what benefits can you harness by faking it?

Cake without the waste

Unseen by the naked eye, dummy tiers make for a stunning cake without the waste. Fake tiers are great for weddings where the guest list is more intimate. A smaller number of guests, however, doesn’t mean your cake design has to suffer. By using a fake tier or two, you can add height and drama, with your guests none the wiser as you cut into the real layer.

Unlimited design possibilities

Thanks to their robust nature, fake tiers provide the perfect base for more elaborate cake designs. The possibilities are endless, with bakers able to use the carefully shaped polystyrene tiers like giant building blocks to make the cake higher and more impressive.

The dummy layers look just like the real thing after they’re covered in sugar paste and decorated with icing or fondant. This means you get a beautifully designed and decorated cake without your guests knowing that some layers aren’t what they seem.

A budget friendly alternative

Many couples introduce fake tiers to save money, after all everyone wants to save when planning a wedding. Contrary to popular belief however, a dummy tier isn’t that much different in price than a real cake. It all depends on the size of the tier.

Dummy tiers that are larger in size will be cheaper than the real thing, but you won’t save much when ordering a dummy tier to replace a 4-inch cake.

Dummy tiers are also an excellent way to add height and detail to a wedding cake design without needing or wasting the extra cake.

Can you fake the whole cake?

To boost the wedding budget and ensure optimum creativity, some couples are choosing to fake the entire cake. These display only cakes look great but aren’t for eating. The question is, would your guests really notice if your wedding cake was a fake?

Here, a mother-of-the-bride reveals why she made the decision to commission a completely fake cake:

“I have never loved traditional, tiered wedding cakes. The portions can be skimpy, the slices slapped carelessly onto plates. By the time cake is served, many wedding guests have long finished eating and are deep into dancing. Even worse, wedding cake often tastes stale.”

The display cake provides a great alternative for couples with small or large guest lists, or those who want an alternative sweet treat, like a confectionery cart, to be their main focal point. Fake or not, the design of your wedding cake is the way to encompass your theme, and give your guests something to ogle.

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