Should you make a bride speech?

Traditionally it was left up to the father of the bride, the groom and the best man to lead the speeches, but as with many wedding traditions, times are changing. These days more and more brides are making speeches. Why shouldn’t you say a few words to thank all those people who’ve played special roles in your big day? According to a survey carried out by Hitched, just over 22% of brides now plan to give a speech at their wedding, and for good reason. As the main person on the ground during the wedding planning process, most brides are best placed to deliver a speech that is as creative and unique as their wedding.

Don’t leave the witty remarks, funny anecdotes and cringe worthy stories to the men in your life. Throw out that rule book and give the best bride speech with our top tips.

Speak from the heart

We don’t mean this literally; preparing a speech in advance is just as important for the bride as it is for the father of the bride, best man and groom. Going down the heartfelt route is a great step, but remember it doesn’t have to be overly emotional. You can do heartwarming and funny all at the same time. Don’t rely on jokes and anecdotes to tickle everyone’s funny bones though. Anecdotes are entertaining in small doses, so stick to just one or two stories and make sure they’re in context.

Don’t forget those mentions

As a bride, your wedding day is all about you (and your groom of course) but your speech should be about everyone who’s special to you, not just your new husband. Thanking your guests for coming, and thanking your parents, bridesmaids and other party members for their support is all well and good, but you should also pay particular attention to your wider family during your speech. Your family isn’t just restricted to your current family, either. The family you’re marrying into is also worth mentioning.

Using this twist on tradition thoughtfully by mentioning the people that can’t be with you to celebrate your special day is also recommended.

It’s all in the performance

Delivering your speech confidently is just as essential as the words that make it up. As well as practicing and taking your time during delivery, a simple smile can make all the difference to your performance as The Wedding Community details:

“You may be shaking during the speech; you may even be terrified. However, what you must not be is miserable; or at least, you mustn’t look it. A frowning speaker is a reluctant speaker; someone out of their depth, perhaps. Nothing gets you the respect of a room like standing in front of 50, 60, 100 people and simply grinning back at them. It shows the audience that they’re in for a good time, and allows them to trust you to give them that.”

Your bride speech doesn’t have to just be words. You can create and incorporate a slideshow to add extra pizzazz to proceedings.

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