How to get a great night’s sleep on the eve of your wedding

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, there’s a genuine, scientific connection between getting a good eight hours and looking fabulous. This makes having a great night’s sleep on the eve of your wedding even more important. Looking and feeling your most amazing on your wedding day is what every bride (and groom) wants to achieve. But with wedding planning worries and last minute stresses getting the best of most, enjoying a high quality sleep for the recommended amount of time is far from simple.


Read on to discover our top tips for getting a good night’s sleep and wake up on the morning of your wedding as bright eyed and bushy tailed as possible.

Establish a routine

Creating a sleep schedule at least three weeks before tying the knot is key to enjoying great sleep on the eve of your wedding day. In fact, establishing a routine will stand you in good stead not just for your wedding day but every day after your wedding has been and gone. From winding down in the most appropriate way, avoiding alcohol and limiting caffeine to getting the exercise and sunlight you need to reset your internal clock, there are a number of helpful tips you can follow to establish a sleep-inducing bedtime routine. Your use of tech before bed can also influence sleep quality and quantity as explained here by The Knot:

“For some of us, the blue light found in tablets and phones actually signals daytime to our brains, says Dr. Jordan Stern of The Comprehensive Sleep and Snoring Center in New York, NY. Disengaging from social media, emails and text messages will also draw your mind away from the types of thoughts that can jolt you back into a state of anxious wakefulness.”

Eat light

As the saying goes “you are what you eat”, and what you eat could be affecting how your body regulates sleep. Watching what you eat is what most brides do in the run up to their wedding days but eating healthy and light the day before will also have a positive impact on your pre-wedding sleep. Low carb, high protein meals work best, whilst Omega-3 rich oily fish is a great staple that’s been proven to regulate sleep.

Set the scene

Where you sleep is important and as well as avoiding technology during wind down, having a bath and adjusting the room temperature will ensure you create a setting that is just right for a perfect night’s sleep. Scenting the room and its bedlinen can also trigger relaxation. There are a variety of great sleep sprays on the market, why not give them a try?

Stay with us

Whether you’re for or against seeing your partner the night before, staying at the venue on the eve of your wedding day will mean celebrations can begin a little earlier than planned. What better way to relax than by including our night before accommodation as part of your wedding preparations?

At Gosfield Hall, our luxurious rooms provide the perfect pre-wedding setting. Our Lady’s Chambers Cottage, complete with six-seater hot tub, is great for brides and bridesmaids looking to arrive the night before and spend the evening in style. Those looking to stay a little longer will love our two night stays – sometimes one night simply isn’t enough!

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