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Team GH
November 15th 2019
Proposing to your bridesmaids – the dos and don’ts
Popping the question to your bridesmaids is a big deal these days. It’s almost as important as the…
Team GH
October 25th 2019
Can a wedding dress be dyed?
With the traditional rule against guests wearing white dresses to weddings becoming more relaxed, we…
Team GH
September 20th 2019
Words of wisdom for a happy marriage
Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two people who love each other, but no matter how strong y…
Team GH
September 6th 2019
Expecting a heat wave on your wedding? How to help guests cope
According to recent research, extreme heatwaves are becoming more common around the world. Although …
Team GH
August 30th 2019
Should I choose an out-of-season wedding date?
Summer is almost over for one year, and with it comes the end of yet another exciting wedding season…
Team GH
August 16th 2019
How to get an upgrade on your honeymoon!
Getting married isn’t just about going on honeymoon, but it sure is an exciting plus to the whole …

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